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What is the use of light stabilizer?

introduction   Introduction Light stabilizers are an additive used in many products, from cosmetics to plastics, to protect colour and enhance product performance. They are used […]

2023 buying guide to rubber processing agent

Rubber processing agent industry overview Rubber Processing Agents Rubber processing agents produce tires, footwear, and other rubber products. They are also used as plasticizers in latex […]

2023 Professional Guide to light stabilizer HALS 944

What is a light stabilizer and what does it do for LEDs and other lighting products? Light stabilizers are chemicals that inhibit the degradation of light […]

2023 Professional Guide to Rubber Antioxidant TMQ

What is Rubber Antioxidant TMQ and what are its benefits What is Rubber Antioxidant TMQ? Rubber Antioxidant TMQ is a chemical compound that has been shown […]